Friday, December 18, 2009

Wrapping Christmas Gifts and Thinking About How I Quit Smoking

Today while I was wrapping my Christmas presents, I decided to use up some paper I received from an ex smoker. You can imagine my disgust when I started wrapping and my hands yellowed from the layers of residue on the paper and my nostrils flared from the stale dank smell of smoke. I won't lie, I was also puzzled by the fond feelings it brought up of smoking. Even now, 5 years later, I still want a smoke from time to time, but I don't. I let it go and it the feeling leaves.

And it's just that, a feeling. It's not a pain or an almost crippling craving that I experienced the first 3 weeks of my quit. It passes and it happens less and less so that now, 5 years later, that fleeting moment only occurs once every couple of months. I forget whast it was like to quiut smoking or that I even smoked at all.

When I quit, my health improved. I have the energy now that cigarettes stole from me. I have the empowering knowledge that I concquered that dear friend. That one friend who killed me with each encounter. Some friends just need to be cut loose. You're better than that doormat cigarettes turn you in to. You call the shots.

If I could quit smoking after 20 years, you can. I loved to smoke and I know you do too. But I also know it is killing you. Just read my story about how I stopped smoking to see what I did. It might help you and it might not, but at least you are trying to stop and that is what matters. There are many ways to stop smoking. Below are various products that I promote. Some I have tried and some my friends tried. Just Keep Trying! Good luck.

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