Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Google Scams

I just watched the morning news and saw the segment about Google scams and what Google is going to do about them.

I am so happy that Google is going to start sueing those who pretend to represent them. The world has too much deceit and it's good to see one of the big guys caring for us.

When I first started out on the Internet, I almost fell for one of these scams. I am so happy I didn't. There were a couple red flags that stopped me from it.

The biggest clue for me was the website address. Google is http://www.google.com/. They would never have a URL address like ...googlebiz.com or getrichgoogle.com.

I have been researching a lot on the Internet and if it's one thing I know, Google offers nearly all their information for free. They offer free advertising, websites, analytics, email accounts, blogs, and more. Why on earth would they charge you $.50 for information? And why would it come in the mail? And not through the computer?

And some people, like the gentleman on the news today, think it's only $.50 so even if it doesnt' work out, I won't lose a lot. READ THE FINE PRINT. Usually if they are offering information and the enticement is the inexpensiveness, there is a catch.

I like to think people are honest, decent, and good. but lets face it folks, there are a lot of untrustworthy, greedy people out there.

So my advice to my fellow sufers looking to make a quick buck: the good things in life require work. If you have any doubts, check it out. Do a search on the company, the website address, etc. If they are trying to scam you, they have scammed others and somebody will write about it somewhere to warn others. Go to snoops.com and check it out there. Don't just jump.

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