Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Season and Work

I recently read an article by Chris Brogan that said he chooses not to slow down during this time frame, as the new year ends. It made sense, all the things he said about productivity and how it is a momentum. I decided I would plug through the end of the year too and try to improve my online visits to my information about Alzheimer's, Online Business Tips, and poetry. But then it occured to me, that I don't want to be that person. I don't want to be that person who works through the holidays, losing out on time with my boyfriend and family. Time that we won't get back. Life IS too short.

Yes, I want to be successful with my blog. And I want to make a full time living through online means, but I am a strong believer of things happening when and how they should. I believe in God and that he has a plan for us already. Because of that belief, I choose to shut my computer off, enjoy the Christmas holiday my family celebrates, and let work go for now.

Don't you worry though. I have things in the works and you can be the first year I will be back stronger than ever. It is important to slow down now and then, regroup, and remember what matter mosts to you. I think most people will find it is not being a success. You can't take it with you and it's no fun to spend it alone.

So, I will see you soon! Happy Holidays!

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