Thursday, December 17, 2009

Google Alternatives for Search Boxes

I have been searching for a search box to take the place of Google's Custom Search for a long time now. I've come across a couple that I hope will be good.

One of them is  Everytime someone uses it and clicks on a result, you earn money. Try mine. I like it, it's easy to install, but I hate their advertising on the bottom of it. Most of my viewers don't have a website so to have the words "Earn $ money $ with your website" directly under the search bar makes it look untrustworthy. I understand their reasoning. They do it to attract more people like me, who have a website and doesn't want to use Google Custom Search.

I just added it today and have already made $.20 on 4 searches, which seems to be good, but we'll see.

The overall process has been frustrating to me. I am more frustrated with Google than anything. They are such a big corporation that they don't really care about any of the little guys. I have contacted them several times, but haven't heard back from them. I hear this is common with Google.

If anyone knows of a better Search Box that will produce revenue from search results, please let me know. I like, but not earning the revenue I would like.

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