Monday, January 4, 2010

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

I normally try something first before I write about it, but I want to share these ideas before you get rid of your Christmas tree, decorations, wrappping paper and more. I heard all these tips on the Rachael Ray show today when the host, Michele Beschen, from the PBS series B Organic, was on. I can't wait to try this out with our tree!

There were so many different ideas for a Christmas Tree after the holidays. You can make coasters by sawing off rings from the base of the tree, necklaces from the branches, hair stems for your hair, painted ornaments, and much more once it has dried for a while (yes family that is reading this- act surprised!)

Another neat repurposing idea she showed was using a paper shredder for all the wrapping paper. Shred it into a bag. All the colors blend together and then you can use it in gift bags! Broken ornaments can be transformed into jewelry!

There were so many ideas and I loved that they repurposed items instead of throwing them away. To watch the episode you can visit the Rachael Ray website.

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